Think of your personal brand as of your single entity that expresses itself through marketing, website design, text, clothing. You and the broadcast of your essence should be one and authentic. Your brand is your true voice, what you believe in, your personality and even your colors. Yes – yes … Your colors and the clothes you wear are an integral part of the message you transmit to the world. Your color determines not only your entire aesthetic direction, it is also a marker of your movement, your strategy. 

I compile a detailed palette of your colors (Suzanne Caygill system). Consultations are conducted online based on high quality photos and our communication.

I do not know much about style. To me it is a mystery. It is intriguing and elusive. Looking at beautiful things gives you joy and energy. Being the messenger of such a joy is quite a job. Chanel said something like this: “If a woman by the age of thirty did not become a beauty she is a fool”. So, my blog is for “fools”:)

Shortly about me.

I studied  style and colors at the Image and Color Institute International (US, San Francisco) and at Scuola Italiana di Moda e Stile (Milan). 

Currently  I live in Belgium. Mom of two girls, proponent of Suzanne Caygill’s theory,  language school student  (Dutch), passionate reader and an amateur cook. Lived before in Almaty, London, Maastricht, Kaohsiung.  Speak English, Russian, French and a bit of Dutch. 

My approach is based on the value of your individuality. It is for those who choose  the aesthetics of their own uniqueness, prefer to live in harmony with themselves, and do not meet the expectations of others.

Example of my work you can find here here

email: [email protected]

Inspiration for my nick name, Aifel, comes partly form the below citation:

“- Gustave Eiffel was madly in love with a woman named Amelie. Hence his obsession was to create a giant letter “A”, and there it is already for more than a century overlooking Paris.  

– Is that really true?  

– Of course. If this woman had been called Olga, the symbol of Paris would have had a very different shape.”  from “Winter Journey” by Amelie Nothomb :)