Agatha Christie and her collar à la Peter Pan

Agatha Christie

Archie Christie, the fiancé of Agatha, told his mother about their engagement, and gave a lot of compliments to Agatha as all sons usually do while presenting their darlings to mothers. Peg (the mother of Archie) looked dubiously at him and said with a strong Irish accent: – Is she one of those who wear fashionable collars in the style of Peter Pan? Rather reluctantly Archie had to admit that Agatha did wear a collar a la Peter Pan. They just came into fashion.

Finally, girls, poor creatures, have parted with high collars which held up their necks and were fastened by rows of small buttons zigzagging and leaving red marks on the skin. A collar “a la Peter Pan,” was a large, free, soft tissue beginning at the base of the neck, with no bones – what a blessing! Agatha belonged to the so-called fashionistas who in 1912 dared to wear collars a la Peter Pan. At that time a girl could pass for a frivolous showing only two centimeters of her neck under the chin. Agatha Christie was telling later that if you looked at the girls in bikinis, you would realize how far you can go in fifty years.

Since then the Peter Pan collar came back into fashion many times. The last appearance was in 2012. Do you have it in your wardrobe? If yes, how do you wear it?


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