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Minimalism and East Asia

The first picture is Jil Sanders by Raf Simons 2009, I will happily put the reference for the second picture if you give me the reference.

If we apply Four Seasons Color Theory in respect of  countries, I mean aesthetics of  countries, then Japan will be definitely a Winter type. Just read this beautiful short essay “IN PRAISE OF SHADOWS” by Jun’Ichiro Tanizaki . You will find that all epithets which characterize Winters are applicable to the traditional Japanese aesthetics –  purity,  color blocking , clear lines and minimalism.

Minimalism sounds as a very simple style concept, however it is quite complicated:)

Practically speaking when wearing a minimalist style the focal point is your body or parts of your body. Minimalism does not tolerate lots of accessories because  it is your body, which is the major accent.The colors used in clothes are mostly neutrals, those repeating the colors found in your skin or hair. Purity, clear lines, well thought proportions.  It  has a lot in common with the Japanese aesthetics. That is why Jil Sanders, one of the founders of minimalism, and Uniqlo was such a successful  alliance. 

Jun’Ichiro Tanizaki in his  “IN PRAISE OF SHADOWS” wrote the following:

“Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty. Our ancestors made of women an object inseparable of darkness, like lacquer-ware  decorated in gold or mother of pearl. They hid as much of her as they could in shadows, concealing her arms and legs in the fold of long sleeves and skirts, so that one part and one only stood out – her face. The curveless body may, by comparison with western women, be ugly. But our thoughts do not travel to what we cannot see. The unseen for us does not exist…..

Our ancestors cut off the brightness on the land from above and  created a world of shadows. and far in the depth of it they placed woman, marking her the whitest of being. If whiteness was to be indispensable to supreme beauty, then for us there was no other way.


Jil Sanders for Uniqlo 2011