Suzanne Caygill

I work according to Suzanne Caygill’s  theory and procedures.

Below is a short information about Suzanne Caygill and her theory. (source: Suzanne Caygill)

The American, Suzanne Caygill (1911 – 94), deviser of individual color analysis  was first to identify and use something which is nowadays taken for granted, the four seasonal ‘types’, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.  She developed her groundbreaking concept, “Key to Color Harmony”, as early as 1942 and presented it to the public shortly after. Over more than 40 years Suzanne Caygill made her theories known through private consultations, lectures, and teaching.

Caygill believed that our uniqueness – our individual coloring, body shape and personal presence – should be enhanced by the right fabrics, colors, textures and designs. Her aim was to create harmony between our inner personality and our outer presentation. For her four season classification, personality and presence override, in importance, the coloring of an individual. The goal is to discover the “best” in every person and help bring this image into being.

“It´s what you DO with what you HAVE that makes you what you ARE!”

Often an individual has a combination of colors and qualities of more than one season. Suzanne Caygill focused very much on supporting individuality. A major difference between “The Caygill Method” and other methods of color consultation is that “The Caygill Method” adapts to the individual, whereas with other methods the client has to fit into a predetermined category.

“The Suzanne Caygill Methode”

A customized color palette is put together for each individual client. The colors are selected from a so-called “Color Bank” consisting of some 3000 different fabric samples. The fabric swatches not only have different colors, but also different textures as well as matt and shiny finishes. No two color palettes are the same.

A palette consists of thirteen categories: skin, lip, eye, and hair coloring, 3 neutral colors for basic apparel as well as reds, 2 accent colors, pastel colors, prints and decorative metallic/shiny fabrics. In addition to selecting the colors of an individual, particular emphasis is placed on the voice, body language, and personality of each client. The consultation takes approximately three hours.

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