Minimalist wardrobe in our digitized era


Laetitia Casta. Guess adds.

There exist many stylist opinions on essential items of your wardrobe. However, everybody would agree there is no universal minimal wardrobe  due to different climate zones, cultures, professions, types of bodies, age of people and many other factors. Having said so, I still want to discuss the basics of a minimalist wardrobe in our quickly developing world. I mean the basics of the basics.

What if you live in jeans?

Suppose you are a very busy mom and you just do not have time for yourself, or you are an employee of a firm with a relaxed dress code or just a minimalist. You are far from being fashionistas, however you still want to look decent with minimum, really minimum number of clothes. What will your wardrobe look like?

Well, it  all comes down to three looks: casual, formal and evening. It sounds very simple but the picture below, which I borrowed from this site, illustrates that you have to start engineering. You have to play with types and length of jeans,  shoes, bags and tops.

Don’ t you think it is too much of a hassle? Those who are minimalists will understand me:) Even if you know everything about yourself, I mean your body type with the following consequences, your wardrobe still should be grand.

Let us fantasize how this can be optimized.

Why not to make one bag, which can be transformed from casual to formal? Why not to have one pair of jeans with an extendable length (from shorts to almost eternity )? Why not to have jeans with flares to attach? Am I talking nonsense? In our time of high tech technologies when we all wait impatiently for I phone 8, the clothing industry does not advance so much.

DKNY launched its cozy cardigans that can give you up to twelve looks. Watch this How to wear DKNY cozy. Why not to do the same with jeans?


Why doesn’t Levi’s come up with high tech L-jeans v1? Immediately after its release we will, of course, look forward for L-jeans v2  and so on:)  It would be great if Louis Vuitton or some other brands came up with a bag transformer, LV-bag v.1? Same about shoes that could be transformed from Greek sandals into something more formal? At the end of the day style is about geometry and proportions, styling means engineering.

Why not to have one pair of jeans (let them be expensive), one pair of shoes and one bag. Three items only, three items that will be a core of your wardrobe!!! The rest of the rubbish (colors, tops, shirts) you may add or shall we make them high tech monsters as well :)) I mean, do not you have difficulties with managing your wardrobes even small ones? Imagine how much more energy, space and style we would have gained. But what do you think?

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