Put on your eyes!

What if you work with people a lot? For example, you are an employee of HR department. You need to keep your interlocutor in focus, you need to broadcast the following message: “it is easy to communicate with me.” I am not talking about how to look authoritative and formal. Expressing authority is a topic for another post. I am also not talking about making a super strong impression on anyone, stunning your interlocutor to the point that he forgets the topic of your conversation. I am talking about establishing such a dialogue so that the one who talks to you looks directly into your soul, because our eyes are mirrors of our souls.

Well, you need to wear your eyes, which means clothes of the color as your eyes. The effect will be intensified if you make combinations with your white color, in other words you will add the white of the eyes to the iris.

Wearing the color of your eyes will not be a heavy job, as a rule, these are not very bright colors.

Eyes of many people change the color depending on the clothes. Choose the color that will make your eyes brighter. The trick is to find a color that highlight your eyes and do not make them dull.

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