Moving on?

Let’s talk about texture.

It is about the smoothness of your hair and skin, the purity of the lines in your face. Smooth or rough surface? Sometimes, just an image, even on a smooth fabric, makes it textured. Think of the fabric with a leopard print. Therefore, freckles on a smooth skin also bring some texture.

I picked up few photos to illustrate my idea. This characteristic can be imagined as a scale where the absolute texture is a woman with wrinkles, freckles, with hard curly hair, and an absolute smoothness is a woman with a smooth skin without a single pigment spot and smooth, silky hair.

Most people are somewhere in the middle.

Think of how much texture you can wear? How do you look in a rough knit, fur cuffs, textured buttons, metals, a lot of accessories and so on. There are people whose slogan is “the more you put on the better it is”. They can really wear brocade in combination with knit or ruffles, plus an incredible amount of accessories. Do you belong to this group of people?

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