Let’s begin!

We will move at a different pace.

Today is slow.

Imagine that your possibilities are unlimited. What would you choose from the infinite variety of the world?

What brings you joy, peace. What gives you a sense of you in a different expression?

Try to choose some of the following items. Start with “simple”, for example, with flowers, accessories and jewelry.

1) Flowers

2) House

3) Interior design/ Furniture

4) Paintings

5) Jewelry

6) Design of your website

7) Prints, details that delight your soul

8) Clothes in which you think you would look good

9) Music

Create a board in Pinterest and try to make a conscious choice, be honest with yourself. Does what you choose resonate with your soul?

By doing this exercise-meditation, you will answer most of the questions about yourself and your aesthetic direction.

Take your time, meditate.

In the next post I will send my video sequence.

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