from; Picture: Julius LeBlanc Stewart (1855-1919) Elegante Au Sofa

What is a neutral color? You have probably heard or read about them. What gives you the knowledge that neutral colors are, for example, black, beige, blue and brown? What can you do with this information?

Let us try to find one of your neutral colors. In order to do this, we will look at the most important and largest accessory in our appearance, our hairstyle.

We will not discuss the shape and types of hairstyles. Look at your hair color (your natural color). You will see that it is not smooth, it consists of highlights, lighter and darker shades. Pick a color that matches your hair color. No need to find only one color. It can also be lighter, darker. Think of several options. We remember that the quality of colors depends on the texture of fabrics.

If you found and you now know what is your neutral color, then it’s time to ask yourself: “what can be done with this information?”

Purchase items of this color. You can have trenches, sweaters, dresses of this color. In most cases, your neutral color gives a casual effect, and most importantly, it harmonizes the image.

You can repeat the hair color in your image. Use accessories – bags, belts or shoes. I picked up a few illustrations. Appreciate the delicate use of black in the first two illustrations. See how thin lines of black work with hair color.

I wish you fun and interesting discoveries.


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