Palette – Romantic Color – Find your rose

A Summer Rose by Emile Vernon - (1890-1920) painter of Romanticism

A Summer Rose by Emile Vernon – (1890-1920) painter of Romanticism

Today’s post is about your romantic color.

I red somewhere that pink, a tint of red, represents the feminine principle and the survival of the species – nurturing, mother love.

Rose color is one of the most attractive colors inherent into your looks and it creates a very feminine effect for women and very masculine effect for men. Tops and shirts will support the effect. The right rose tone may be used in blush and soft lipsticks.

You must have noticed that there exist a myriad of “rose”colors (from candied ginger, apricot cream, to rose porcelain and rose ash). Which one is yours? As I mentioned above, your pink is your hemoglobin related color (pink is a tint of red). It comes from the cheeks when the natural blush comes up after exercising. So, try to find a color which is close to your natural blush. Also try to exercise not only your body but your eyes as well. I mean look for your rose, try on as many types as you can, have fun while shopping,. Success!!!


Designers’ inspirations. Valentina

Here are few examples of Valentina’s sources of inspiration. Valentina, American couture and the Cult of Celebrity, famous for her extravagant statements, like this one:

“while Mainbocher unquestionably made the Duchess of Windsor look like a lady; for the same price, I could look her like a queen.”

I also have to mention Harold Koda’s foreword to the book about Valentina.
“From a business perspective, her contemporaries Norell and Mainbocher did not even begin to approach her success, and only Chanel can be seen as an equal in her faculty for self-invention and promotion. Finally, a woman who combined the aphoristic wit of Chanel, the technical virtuosity of Vionnet, the dramatic theatricality of Adrian, and the pragmatism of McCardell, is being given her due.”
Jean Fouquet, Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels, showing Charles VII's mistress Agnès Sorel (c.1450)

Jean Fouquet, Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels, showing Charles VII’s mistress Agnès Sorel (c.1450)

Rosalind Russell

Rosalind Russell in Valentina’s dress










Gerard David, “The Annunciation, Detail”