Romantic look

If you type something like “Romantic dress” or “Romantic dress style” in your search engine, many ideas of “a romantic dress” will show up.  You will notice  some nostalgia about them, most of them will contain a certain reference to the past, I mean the past, which is  a hundred years ago and older.

Look at the dress below. One great art critic said that ancient Greeks used to drape their sculptures to show the body, to reveal its sensuality, movement and muscles. In the middle ages drapery was designed to hide the body as much as possible. Gatsby and Edwardian style dresses that you see below do both things – they hide and at the same time reveal the body. Light fabrics flow like water and make the image absolutely romantic.


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Anton Chekhov “The Beauties” and Guy de Maupassant “Useless Beauty”

One of the Beauties from the book Hong Lou Meng "the Dream of Red Mansion"

One of the Beauties from the book Hong Lou Meng “the Dream of Red Mansion”

Humans are created in such a way that they prefer certain proportions called harmonious or beautiful.

In beauty we just rest… Milorad Pavic said that it is so hard to create something beautiful, so much effort is spent on it. In contact with the beautiful, we feel relieved knowing that when the overall energy in the world was distributed, we were saved a certain amount of labor: the efforts of others invested in the beauty reduce our share of fatigue. Saved from a certain expenditure of energy, we can enjoy it. Continue reading

Palette – Skin Tone – Your Intimate Color


Portrait of A Lady As Evelina by John Hoppner; Photograph of Angelina Jolie from “The Tourist” 2010

Intimacy is defined as a close, familiar, and affectionate personal relationship or a close association with or deep understanding of a place, subject or person. So if you wish people feel intimate with you – dress yourselves in yourselves:).
We continue with the description of your most important colors in clothing, in other words your color harmony according to the theory of Suzanne Caygill. We have already discussed your eyes related color, your rose or romantic color, your hair related color. Today’s post is dedicated to your skin tone or beige.
The two variations of your skin coloration represent both the melanin or predominant beige tone of your skin, and the hemoglobin or red tone of your skin. This elegant beige color is the one that we chose from many shades found in your skin as being the most related to the overall look of your skin. We touched upon the red tone while we discussed your romantic color. The beige and rose are ones of the most important colors as they play the major role in creation of your color harmony.
You must have noticed the variety of beige in the market, I uploaded a picture with some examples. Finding the right one is quite a challenge. There are people with a “simple” skin without any sub-tones and there are people with a complicated skin. You may be swarthy, dusky, brown and at the same time your sub-tone could be a cold rose, which results in cooler types of beige and anything, which is burnt sugar, toasted almond or any other warm beige will be killing for your look. Well, I am sure you have tried on many things in beige and you understand …
While wearing the right beige you will feel yourselves calm, approachable and elegant. If your skin tone is lighter than your hair, wear your skin tone in combination with your hair related color, like in the Portrait of a Lady as Evelina in the beginning of the post.
Few examples of Skin tones

Few examples of Skin tones