Vital Spring

“Spring is a real miracle!” Jenny Downham
The effect of her presence can be compared with a glass of champagne – she cheers you  up and turns your head. She is sociable and open, she has many friends and acquaintances. In some sense she is a prom-queen because her company is always welcome. Alla emanates warmth and energy. She is in love with this world and the world reciprocates her feelings.
Epithets that resonate with the image and the character of Alla:
Feminine, Alive, Active, Lady, Open, Curious, Friendly, Energetic, Vibrant, Optimistic.
In respect of color-type Alla  is Vital Spring. Her colors are the brightest of all the spring palettes. Here are some of them.
Vital Spring
From the photos that Alla sent we can clearly see the following sides of her style:
Elegant, romantic and a bit exotic.
Practically every person feels his|her own style. Her photo below is a vivid testimony. Alla’s favorite dress refers us to the images created by Chanel.
Alla would play successfully an elegant lady of 40s and a sexy lady of 50s.
For Alla, it’s also the end of the 60s, when the feminine silhouettes still dominates, but the bouffant skirts are gradually replaced by milder and sportier silhouettes. Generally speaking, when looking at Alla  you have a lot of associations with vintage.
Let’s stop for a minute and look at the picture of Jessica Alba and Alla. What is there so remarkable?
Firstly, the fact that Jessica Alba with Alla belong to the same type (the girls from the photo are twins). Secondly, the outfit of Jessica Alba combines both the Lady like style and a bit of a modern ethnics that Alla loves so much. Perhaps, this is the maximum that Alla can afford in terms of exotic stuff in her wardrobe. I like the purity  and the tight fit under the waistcoat of Jessica Alba;  you can see that the foundation is still the Lady like silhouette.
This is the end of the fragment.
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