Twilight Harmony






There exist this type of nymph-like women with dark (medium-dark) eyes and hair, who have quite a high contrast between the color of their skin and the color of their eyes/hair (see the photos above). They are soft and very feminine, the lines of their body do not appeal for any drama. You would not call them striking, you would rather say they are beautiful.

Whenever I show them a swatch made of pure pigments they shy away from it. It is too much color for them, they just cannot stand pure pigments.  (Pure pigments are colors as they appear straight out of the paint tube. They appear distinct, bright, intense.)

Why is that? May be you noticed that many people aspire to more complex colors, like colors which are mixed with other colors. What about you? May be this preference of certain color qualities speaks of your character and explain who you are.

Let’s come back to our nymphs who looked always gorgeous in deep teal, hunter green, aubergine and other colors of Summer sunset. Throughout the centuries their “image makers” knew how to choose the best for them.

Clockwise: Leonardo da Vinci “Lady with an Ermine”, Titian “La Bella”, Unknown “Modern portrait of the star Fang Bingbing” , Raphael “Madonna de Bogota”

Re-incarnated in the 20-21 st centuries, they continue the eternal color trend.

Dress by Carolina Herrera, Ashley Judd pinned from, Elegant coat pinned from

As I mentioned earlier this type of women cannot create a really dramatic look unless they are Actresses/Models and they need it for a specific performance. In everyday life the best dramatic look you can get will be something like on the picture below, which is still very feminine and romantic.


I will not go further and develop their styling story, just say if you did recognize yourselves in the above described women, then go for sophistication, elegance and sunset colors.

sunset colors
Photo of Evening Paysage from www., Photo of Leaves from, Outfit by Ralph Lauren

If you did not find yourselves there, do not worry. Send me the album with your pictures and I will bring you to heaven:)))

Let us be beautiful!

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