My services

I provide written consultations based on your pictures, your story and your wishes. I take into account your profession, hobbies, tastes and passions. The advantage of a written consultation is that you will get a written document, which will help you not to forget and always have the source of your inspiration.

I offer two products:

1 Color analysis consultation.

I create a palette (fan) consisting of “your” colors and explain the best colors for different types of clothes and accessories.

The foundation of your personal palette is composed of the natural colors found in your skin, hair and eyes. Those colors are inherent coloration, if they are chosen rightly they will enhance your natural appearance. They are also called neutrals, so your neutrals will be different from the neutrals of others unless you have the same coloration. Neutrals usually create the base of your wardrobe.

Apart from the foundation colors, your palette will contain accent or dramatic, low key, pastel colors, metals and prints.

So, your fan will be a harmony created from different color sticks which work together. I mean that you may combine different colors from your palette and you will always get a harmonious look.

You can reach me by email: [email protected] Payment is made through Pay Pal .The price for the consultation and the finished palette with all the explanations and examples in the PDF format – 200 euros. The price for the consultation and the fan (your color palette) that is sent to you is 400 euros. Shipping cost is included.

2 Style consultation

With specific examples I demonstrate the principles of color combinations and effects of various cuts with your figure. We talk about details, nuances and mysterious principles of harmony.

This consultation may or may not include Color analysis.

What is required from my customers?

You should complete a survey and create an album containing at least 15 pictures in different clothes. I would also like to have photos of your eyes,  wrists and your face taken from very close distance. Any video where I can see the way you move and talk will be appreciated, your privacy is guaranteed.

e-mail: [email protected]


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