Color temperature or Andrei Tarkovsky “The mirror”


Andrei Tarkovsky in his “Lectures on film-making” said that they made three dresses for the main character of his film “The Mirror”  (variations of the same dress with different color nuances) in order to be able to shoot at different times of the day. The thing is colors’ temperature is different at different times of the day.

Curious about the dress I decided to watch the movie. I was so absorbed by it that I completely forgot about the dresses. You get this feeling that I am unable to explain… and a long aftertaste, what I want to say is that Tarkovsky is very very talented and yes, he is right – colors change their temperature during the day as well as throughout four seasons.

PS   In case you get curious and want to watch the movie be prepared to be surprised. I mean if you are used to watch movies with a straightforward beginning followed by actions and a very logical end “The Mirror ” will deceive you.

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