Bridget Jones of the 60s or “The lady in the car with glasses and a gun”


A lot of actresses would have loved to play the role of this Blondie called Dany. Just imagine the feminine dresses of the 60s, a white Thunderbird and a beautiful seacoast – all chances to become an icon of style.

Sebastien Japrisot (the author of “The lady in the car with glasses and the gun”) chose an amazing image, a tender defenseless Blondie dressed in white. Her image looks even more fragile in the circumstances she finds herself. The reader will observe how her emotions change from fear to confidence and will discover a strong personality under the beautiful shell. My impressions from the book are here.

Some people compare Dany with Bridget Jones, I mean their characters. I would agree entirely with that and make a small remark that Bridget Jones of the 60s looks more stylish than Bridget Jones of the 2000. Is it because Dany is French and the elegance is in her genes?

I think the 2000 Bridget Jones in addition to her complexes has a bigger choice and freedom in expressing herself. Fashion is getting easier and more complicated. She is still looking for her own style like many of us…



If I had to shoot a film right after the release of the book (end of 60s beginning of 70s) I would have invited Twiggy for the main role.


Today (Spring 2013) it could have been Reese Witherspoon dressed in Moschino 2013. And you, how would you dress her if you had to film the story today?

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