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A fairy style story

“There is a latent fairy in all women, but look how carefully we have to secrete her in order to be taken seriously. And fairies come in all shapes, colors, sizes and types, they don’t have to be fluffy. They can be demanding and furious if they like. They do, however, have to wear a tiara. That much is compulsory.” ― Dawn FrenchA Tiny Bit Marvellous

Our story is about Julia.

Julia lives in Europe and works as an Assistant to the Professor. Her hobbies are nutrition and acting. If you happen to meet her you will be charmed by her softness and gentleness.

Together with Julia we made a collage of photos and illustrations that she found attractive.

The pictures she chose brought me to a very special world – mysterious, romantic and nymph like, a bit sugary though:). Her style story is just magical. It is a world of fairies and elves. In fact, Julia does look like a soft and friendly elf, she also reminds you of a porcelain figurine. Julia is obviously a light magician, there is no drama in her, no dark forces or power games.

Julia’s style story might change later, it all depends on her mood and life situation. But now on the eve of Christmas everybody awaits for something magical to happen and Julia decided to have something special.

So, how do we translate Julia’s magical world into the language of clothes?

Apart from her internal preferences we should take into account her appearance. Julia is not a tall woman, her height is one meter and sixty. She has a harmonized body structure and a very light coloring. Her hair color currently is blond, much lighter than on the photo.

In order to unite her magical aspirations, her appearance and modern tendencies we shall give preferences to clothes and materials that flow, which are touchable and caressable and drape well. In Julia’s wardrobe you can find A – line dresses, asymmetrical tunics and a lot of lace. Julia is not tall, so we will opt for monochromatic looks. Accessories such as elf earnings, magical bags, lace boot cuffs will make the image complete. We will not create a hundred percent fairy style , we do not want Julia to look like she is just back from a carnival procession. A touch of magic will suffice.

Here are few outfits for different contexts (casual and formal) to give an idea.


Julia’s colors are the ones of a rainbow on a gray sky – beautiful and delicate. Think of pastel crayons when imagining her colors.

Base color.

Black color and a myriad of its shades are the most popular colors to create a base wardrobe. However, in case of Julia, black is not advisable. Instead she can use browns muted by a lot of gray as a base color.

At a short distance, dark tones of Julia’s palette will look black on her, and this is exactly the effect that we are striving for. The trick is that her darkest color should be perceived as black, but, at the same time it should not “kill” the face, the freshness of her face should be preserved.

The lightest color in that range can be used as her White, the lightest neutral color.

Here are several names that describe her colors: Gray Taupe, Dove, Mauve Gray, Pink Smoke, Fawn, Flint, Antler, Raven.

An alternative color that can be used as a base color is green muted by gray.

She can use shades of it for different contexts: formal, red carpet events and low key outfits. The beauty of the colors shown below is that they work greatly with the color of Julia’s eyes.

Here are some names that describe the colors and that Julia might stumble upon while shopping: Gray Eucalyptus, Tourmaline, Dusty Green Celadon, Heathered Celadon, Silver Spruce, Spruce Gray.

Pink and Red

Julia’s pink and red are Rose pink, Antique Rose, Dusty Rose, Begonia Rose.

Pink color is one of the most attractive colors inherent into our looks and it creates a very feminine effect. Tops and shirts will support the effect. The pink and red shown below may be used in blush and soft lipsticks. These two colors will very much support Julia’s fairy tale story.

Lavender Gray, Soft Wisteria, Lilac Gray also look great on Julia. Some of the shades may be used to make a dramatic statement.

Prints, patterns and materials.

Prints should have very blended colors and indistinct edges to the designs, a watery look, plus design on design. Blended florals, roses, fairies and elves, clouds and other blended designs.

As mentioned earlier, it would be great if Julia choses translucent fabrics, Grecian effects, chiffons, sheer laces, suedes.

Metals and stones.

The names for her metals is Warm Silver and Rose Gold. I would like to pay Julia’s attention that her metals are something in-between warm and cold, again the name: warm silver and rose gold.

Her special focalizers are pearls, iridescent beading, shells, moonstones, pink tourmaline, pink sapphires. Everything, which give that fantastic iridescent effect.


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