The same color can go through transformations. What can we do with a pure pigment?

It may be diluted or it may be mixed with some other colors. Additions have a neutralizing effect, for example, they can shade or mute pure pigments. Because of the various additions a cool color, like blue, can look good on all types of skin. So when someone says: “I don’t go for purple,” the first question that arises in response is: “but what kind of purple?”

The texture of the fabrics also plays a huge role. Just look at silk and wool in the same color.

I would like to draw your attention to the following. There is a large group of people who look good in clean or diluted colors. These empty and “simple” colors make them look expensively dressed.

There is another group of people who cannot stand pure pigments. And if they are in clothes of pure colors, it seems that they are dressed to work in their gardens or in the middle of renovation worksJ

The photos I attached are about two princesses. Perhaps it is not the best idea to show them as an example – they are public persons, they have plenty of tools in their arsenal, sometimes what they wear is a pure marketing decision. Nevertheless it is still clear that one of them looks good in pure colors, and the other needs more complex solutions.

What about you?

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