Let’s talk about colors. In my opinion most people tend to dress in “their own colors.” Just watch people buying clothes in stores. It is desirable that you observe people of different coloration – from bright brunettes to delicate blondes. You will find out that people simply do not see half of the things in the store, they pass by eagerly seeking “their colors”. In fact, the book of J. Iten is about this phenomena. I do not discard mistakes and emotional shopping, of course.

I think that you can wear “not your own colors” if you dress up for a role. You are a professional actress, a fashion model, or you play a role (we all do this often). For example, you play a role of a Diva at your corporate party! You adapt to the role by choosing makeup and accessories corresponding to the outfit. It may happen that you are drawn to Punk or Rock styles, and you wear black all the time. Here again, all non-mass market trends are partly a role-playing game.

Suppose your life is not related to the theater and you are not a fashion freak, not an Emo or a Punk. Your goal is to shine with your natural beauty with the least effort. You do not have much time. That’s how it is with me. You need to quickly prepare a breakfast, bring the children to school and so on. Whether you want it or not, you will strive for energy, I mean you will want to support your appearance at the color level.

Try this experiment. Spend one day in “not your color” clothes. What is “your” and “not your” color, everyone understands intuitively. I am not talking about some complicated nuances. Spend a day in a color that does not suit you, listen to your feelings. It is unlikely that you will get sick, but, definitely, you will not have an increase of energy. Moreover, you will take energy from others, because people will notice the inconsistency.

Questions of today. What are you? Monochromatic or multicolored? I mean your natural color harmony – eye color, skin color, hair color. I am a monochrome (the same color at different degrees of saturation – dark brown hair, eye color, swarthy skin). In some sense it is easy for me … How often do you wear the colors inherent to your appearance (colors of eyes, hair and skin)?

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