Palette – Your Hair Color – Your Casual Neutral Color

Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun (1755-1842) Portrait of a Young Woman; Photo from The Sartorialist, courtesy of

The soul and appearance of each person have a unique individual set of parameters, which may be compared to the shapes of snowflakes, always unique. This individual characteristic frequency represents the essence of an individual human soul and body. I will not elaborate further on that, I will just say that I adhere to the following philosophy – it is better to wear colors, lines and prints inherent in our looks, in this way our essence will be brought out and shine.

I started a series of posts dedicated to the description of the palette, i.e. color harmonies that we create for customers. It is a fan consisting of various swatches (see an example here). The effects of your eye related color and your “rose”, in other words your romantic color were already discussed. In today’s post I would like to discuss your hair color.

Hair color is a name for your casual neutral color, which in many cases should not reflect hundred percent the true color of your hair because  often case your hair color is not even, there are variations and highlights. Your hair color should be also in accordance with the rest of your palette. Remember, we are creating a color harmony where every color works with each other.

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Palette – Romantic Color – Find your rose

A Summer Rose by Emile Vernon - (1890-1920) painter of Romanticism
A Summer Rose by Emile Vernon – (1890-1920) painter of Romanticism

Today’s post is about your romantic color.

I red somewhere that pink, a tint of red, represents the feminine principle and the survival of the species – nurturing, mother love.

Rose color is one of the most attractive colors inherent into your looks and it creates a very feminine effect for women and very masculine effect for men. Tops and shirts will support the effect. The right rose tone may be used in blush and soft lipsticks.

You must have noticed that there exist a myriad of “rose”colors (from candied ginger, apricot cream, to rose porcelain and rose ash). Which one is yours? As I mentioned above, your pink is your hemoglobin related color (pink is a tint of red). It comes from the cheeks when the natural blush comes up after exercising. So, try to find a color which is close to your natural blush. Also try to exercise not only your body but your eyes as well. I mean look for your rose, try on as many types as you can, have fun while shopping,. Success!!!