The color black

Black color absorbs all wavelengths of light, it represents total absence of light.

You can look at this color from two sides. From the viewer’s side, black can be perceived as darkness, and darkness is fear. This color can look threatening. It can make look large person even more massive and menacing, especially if this large person confronts you.

From the side of the carrier, this color represents a complete absorption, in other words, protection and safety, as well as privacy. It is warmer in black when it is cold. Perhaps, bikers, goths, and punks wear black not to shock and challenge. Paradoxically, they might wear black to feel safe and private.

Many of us reach for safe black when we go to a party in order not to stand out.

There is a large group of people, for whom black is recommended. It looks good on them. I do not mean red carpet events, I mean day to day life.

One of their representatives is Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld also belongs to that group. They have a similar aesthetic vision.

I also belong to their faction. Certain parameters, such as black hair, relatively high contrast, introversion, low voice and some other parameters explain my ineradicable love for the combination of black and white.

What about you? Are you in love with black?


For those who are not very advanced in personal color analysis, I would like to explain the logic of any color palette. It is quite simple. A good half of the colors in your palette (at least according to the system, of which I am an adherent) are the colors inherent in your appearance.

Have you ever thought that such a romantic color as pink is the color of a diluted blood?

Your red is the intensified color of hemoglobin, your beige is your melanin.

 I am sure that you will make discoveries in your appearance if you study yourself attentively. For example, I found that the irises of my banal dark brown eyes are surrounded by a purple ring. And purple always looked great on me.

Try to find the colors inherent in your appearance. Look for your beige. This is not a very quick process, but by itself the journey to yourself is already a pleasant pastime.

Palette – Print is your face

Meg Ryan’s Photo; Design of the print is from




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Palette – Skin Tone – Your Intimate Color

Portrait of A Lady As Evelina by John Hoppner; Photograph of Angelina Jolie from “The Tourist” 2010
Intimacy is defined as a close, familiar, and affectionate personal relationship or a close association with or deep understanding of a place, subject or person. So if you wish people feel intimate with you – dress yourselves in yourselves:).
We continue with the description of your most important colors in clothing, in other words your color harmony according to the theory of Suzanne Caygill. We have already discussed your eyes related color, your rose or romantic color, your hair related color. Today’s post is dedicated to your skin tone or beige.
The two variations of your skin coloration represent both the melanin or predominant beige tone of your skin, and the hemoglobin or red tone of your skin. This elegant beige color is the one that we chose from many shades found in your skin as being the most related to the overall look of your skin. We touched upon the red tone while we discussed your romantic color. The beige and rose are ones of the most important colors as they play the major role in creation of your color harmony.
You must have noticed the variety of beige in the market, I uploaded a picture with some examples. Finding the right one is quite a challenge. There are people with a “simple” skin without any sub-tones and there are people with a complicated skin. You may be swarthy, dusky, brown and at the same time your sub-tone could be a cold rose, which results in cooler types of beige and anything, which is burnt sugar, toasted almond or any other warm beige will be killing for your look. Well, I am sure you have tried on many things in beige and you understand …
While wearing the right beige you will feel yourselves calm, approachable and elegant. If your skin tone is lighter than your hair, wear your skin tone in combination with your hair related color, like in the Portrait of a Lady as Evelina in the beginning of the post.
Few examples of Skin tones
Few examples of Skin tones