“The Age of Adeline”. Romantic film on the fashion history.

Trenches from 1970 and 2018

The film “The Age of Adeline” is a message that carries information about beauty, and my post is a small part of this message, at the end of the day we are all parts of something  bigger. In my opinion “The Age of Adeline” is one of the best films about style and  fashion.

Adeline, the main protagonist of the movie, was born in 1908 and at the age of 29 stopped aging due to the accident. Physically she is always 29. The decisive events in her life take place in 2014 when she meets her lover. By 2014 Adeline has lived more than 100 years and throughout the film we observe the fashion of the 20th century represented by Adeline’s looks.

The most natural question after watching the movie is: “Adeline had a gift of living in a young body with a developed, not-aging brain! What did she use this gift for?” So many things could have been done despite the fact that she had to move from place to place!” If you leave this question aside and watch the film as some style magazine and a beautiful love story, you will receive a huge aesthetic pleasure.

The look of Adeline in 2014 ( the picture above)  is very elegant, it consists of items from the seventies, fifties. and few items from present time. The chief costume designer of the movie says that despite the young body, it is in fact a century-old woman who is dressing up.

I like her look enormously, especially in terms of colors, even if there is some level of conservatism in it.  It is interesting how Adeline’s trench from 1970 echoes with the new reading of the trenches from summer-spring 2018’s trends.

Here are some more pictures that I hope will inspire you to watch the movie. Continue reading “The Age of Adeline”. Romantic film on the fashion history.

Color temperature or Andrei Tarkovsky “The mirror”


Andrei Tarkovsky in his “Lectures on film-making” said that they made three dresses for the main character of his film “The Mirror”  (variations of the same dress with different color nuances) in order to be able to shoot at different times of the day. The thing is colors’ temperature is different at different times of the day.

Curious about the dress I decided to watch the movie. I was so absorbed by it that I completely forgot about the dresses. You get this feeling that I am unable to explain… and a long aftertaste, what I want to say is that Tarkovsky is very very talented and yes, he is right – colors change their temperature during the day as well as throughout four seasons.

PS   In case you get curious and want to watch the movie be prepared to be surprised. I mean if you are used to watch movies with a straightforward beginning followed by actions and a very logical end “The Mirror ” will deceive you.

Bridget Jones of the 60s or “The lady in the car with glasses and a gun”


A lot of actresses would have loved to play the role of this Blondie called Dany. Just imagine the feminine dresses of the 60s, a white Thunderbird and a beautiful seacoast – all chances to become an icon of style.

Sebastien Japrisot (the author of “The lady in the car with glasses and the gun”) chose an amazing image, a tender defenseless Blondie dressed in white. Her image looks even more fragile in the circumstances she finds herself. The reader will observe how her emotions change from fear to confidence and will discover a strong personality under the beautiful shell. My impressions from the book are here.

Some people compare Dany with Bridget Jones, I mean their characters. I would agree entirely with that and make a small remark that Bridget Jones of the 60s looks more stylish than Bridget Jones of the 2000. Is it because Dany is French and the elegance is in her genes?

I think the 2000 Bridget Jones in addition to her complexes has a bigger choice and freedom in expressing herself. Fashion is getting easier and more complicated. She is still looking for her own style like many of us…



If I had to shoot a film right after the release of the book (end of 60s beginning of 70s) I would have invited Twiggy for the main role.


Today (Spring 2013) it could have been Reese Witherspoon dressed in Moschino 2013. And you, how would you dress her if you had to film the story today?

36 moschino-italy-2013-spring-summer-womens-runway-catwalk-fashion-show-01x

Celine or business women vs housewives



The ancient Chinese say that one of the most important thing in order to reach harmony is to find movement while resting, and seek rest in movement.

The same principle applies to outfits, doesn’t it? It seems to me there should be more relaxation in the outfits of business women, as well as more elegance and concentrations should appear in housewives’ looks. Like complementary colors form white, different sides of women’s personalities can be combined in one look, especially if women wear it all the day long, one day after another.

Celine in the March 2013 Vogue illustrates relaxation (right). Yet such outfits are more for business ladies than for housewives.