Pratima Raichur “Absolute Beauty”


Do you like playing an alchemist?  If “Yes”, then listen to this – “one drop of the essential oil extracted from wild roses should be mixed with a little bit of almond oil…. ”

Does it sound enchanting?

It is magical!

Listen to this wonderful tip to make your hair look bright and healthy – “before you comb your hair, spread a drop of an essential oil on your ridge.” I  personally follow this recommendation quite often.

I learned how to make face and body creams following good homemade recipes and treatments from the book “Absolute Beauty” by Dr. Pratima Raichur.

I balance between modern technologies and ancient “secrets”. Pratina Raichur’s recipes are mainly based on a mixture of oils, including essential oils. She recommends masks, oils and diets according to your type from the Ayurveda’s viewpoint, which is quite a big topic  by itself.  Dr. Pratima Raichur explained Ayurveda’s pillars fairly well . The following idea of the book I liked the most: “I can not put a cream on my skin if I can not eat it.” She (being a chemist and biologist) also taught how to “read” creams that we buy in shops, how to distinguish good creams from bad ones. The author of the book has many years of experience in cosmetology and  she discusses the principles of Ayurveda from the perspectives of  the modern medicine.  I promise you will find a lot of wonderful and useful  facts and tips. May this book be an interesting discovery on your way to your harmonious self. Let us be beautiful!

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