Your red color is your intensified blush. If pink is a diluted blush, then red is exactly the opposite. And I will add again that there exists many shades of red.

When you go for red, it may mean one of the two. The first option is you feel tired or you have a breakdown. You put on the red color to support yourself energetically. I had such a period in my life. I’ve been working a lot. One day I bought several things in red – T-shirts, blouses. I lacked strength, and, without being aware of any color theories, I was seeking for the support in the form of color.

The second option when you go for red is a manifestation of your energy, optimism and, consequently, your sexuality. You want to show all of yourself and share your energy with the world.


Intimacy means something deeply personal. It is a close connection or a deep understanding of a place or a person.

Suppose you would like a person to open up, be relaxed in your presence, be ready for any discussion, THEN turn into intimacy itself – meet them “NAKED”!

Today’s post is dedicated to your nude color.

The nude or your skin tone color is not as absolute, formal and insulating as black. When wearing the right skin tone, you feel relaxed, accessible and elegant. Wear this color if you want to be very frank and honest with people.

I read that some professionals (e.g. psychologists) paint their offices in “their nude” as if they continue themselves in the walls.

This color makes you slightly vulnerable, it expresses your basic essence to some extent.

If your skin is lighter than your hair color, you can combine your nude color with your hair color to create a more organic look.

The list of skin tones is quite long – from alabaster to dark chocolate. In addition, there are people with a “simple” skin, without sub tones, and there are people with a “complex” skin. I just would like to draw you attention at the amount shades of “beige” or “nude”. You will notice a little difference between two colors.

Good luck in finding yourself!

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from; Picture: Julius LeBlanc Stewart (1855-1919) Elegante Au Sofa

What is a neutral color? You have probably heard or read about them. What gives you the knowledge that neutral colors are, for example, black, beige, blue and brown? What can you do with this information?

Let us try to find one of your neutral colors. In order to do this, we will look at the most important and largest accessory in our appearance, our hairstyle.

We will not discuss the shape and types of hairstyles. Look at your hair color (your natural color). You will see that it is not smooth, it consists of highlights, lighter and darker shades. Pick a color that matches your hair color. No need to find only one color. It can also be lighter, darker. Think of several options. We remember that the quality of colors depends on the texture of fabrics.

If you found and you now know what is your neutral color, then it’s time to ask yourself: “what can be done with this information?”

Purchase items of this color. You can have trenches, sweaters, dresses of this color. In most cases, your neutral color gives a casual effect, and most importantly, it harmonizes the image.

You can repeat the hair color in your image. Use accessories – bags, belts or shoes. I picked up a few illustrations. Appreciate the delicate use of black in the first two illustrations. See how thin lines of black work with hair color.

I wish you fun and interesting discoveries.



Put on your eyes!

What if you work with people a lot? For example, you are an employee of HR department. You need to keep your interlocutor in focus, you need to broadcast the following message: “it is easy to communicate with me.” I am not talking about how to look authoritative and formal. Expressing authority is a topic for another post. I am also not talking about making a super strong impression on anyone, stunning your interlocutor to the point that he forgets the topic of your conversation. I am talking about establishing such a dialogue so that the one who talks to you looks directly into your soul, because our eyes are mirrors of our souls.

Well, you need to wear your eyes, which means clothes of the color as your eyes. The effect will be intensified if you make combinations with your white color, in other words you will add the white of the eyes to the iris.

Wearing the color of your eyes will not be a heavy job, as a rule, these are not very bright colors.

Eyes of many people change the color depending on the clothes. Choose the color that will make your eyes brighter. The trick is to find a color that highlight your eyes and do not make them dull.