Pratima Raichur “Absolute Beauty”



Do you like playing an alchemist?  If “Yes”, then listen to this – “one drop of the essential oil extracted from wild roses should be mixed with a little bit of almond oil…. ”

Does it sound enchanting?

It is magical!

Listen to this wonderful tip to make your hair look bright and healthy – “before you comb your hair, spread a drop of an essential oil on your ridge.” I  personally follow this recommendation quite often.

I learned how to make face and body creams following good homemade recipes and treatments from the book “Absolute Beauty” by Dr. Pratima Raichur.

I balance between modern technologies and ancient “secrets”. Pratina Raichur’s recipes are mainly based on a mixture of oils, including essential oils. She recommends masks, oils and diets according to your type from the Ayurveda’s viewpoint, which is quite a big topic  by itself.  Dr. Pratima Raichur explained Ayurveda’s pillars fairly well . The following idea of the book I liked the most: “I can not put a cream on my skin if I can not eat it.” She (being a chemist and biologist) also taught how to “read” creams that we buy in shops, how to distinguish good creams from bad ones. The author of the book has many years of experience in cosmetology and  she discusses the principles of Ayurveda from the perspectives of  the modern medicine.  I promise you will find a lot of wonderful and useful  facts and tips. May this book be an interesting discovery on your way to your harmonious self. Let us be beautiful!

Minimalism and East Asia

The first picture is Jil Sanders by Raf Simons 2009, I will happily put the reference for the second picture if you give me the reference.

If we apply Four Seasons Color Theory in respect of  aesthetics of  countries, then Japan will be definitely a Winter type. Just read this beautiful short essay “IN PRAISE OF SHADOWS” by Jun’Ichiro Tanizaki . It is a real treat. You will find that all epithets which characterize Winters are applicable to the traditional Japanese aesthetics –  purity,  color blocking , clear lines and minimalism.

Jun’Ichiro Tanizaki in his  “IN PRAISE OF SHADOWS” writes the following:

“Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty. Our ancestors made of women an object inseparable of darkness, like lacquer-ware  decorated in gold or mother of pearl. They hid as much of her as they could in shadows, concealing her arms and legs in the fold of long sleeves and skirts, so that one part and one only stood out – her face. The curveless body may, by comparison with western women, be ugly. But our thoughts do not travel to what we cannot see. The unseen for us does not exist…..

Our ancestors cut off the brightness on the land from above and  created a world of shadows. and far in the depth of it they placed woman, marking her the whitest of being. If whiteness was to be indispensable to supreme beauty, then for us there was no other way.

The point here is that one’s color palette (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn) may determine the entire style direction. In case of Winters it could be Minimalism,  a complicated concept, which sounds simple. Then the alliance of Uniqlo (a Japanese Brand ) with Jil Sanders (one of the founders of Minimalism) is not surprising.

Minimalism does not tolerate lots of accessories because  it is a human body, which is the major accent. There is no vibrant energy in this style. It is a pure thought where the focal point is the body. The concept resonates  with  Winter Season concept in  the Seasonal Color Theories. Winter signifies the death of nature with its pure, clear, frozen images. It also signifies the contrast, especially  the contrast of no-colors – black and white.

Are all Winters minimalists?:))) I am a Winter type and I tend to like Minimalism.

Jil Sanders for Uniqlo 2011



Vital Spring

“Spring is a real miracle!” Jenny Downham
The effect of her presence can be compared with a glass of champagne – she cheers you  up and turns your head. She is sociable and open, she has many friends and acquaintances. In some sense she is a prom-queen because her company is always welcome. Alla emanates warmth and energy. She is in love with this world and the world reciprocates her feelings.
Epithets that resonate with the image and the character of Alla:
Feminine, Alive, Active, Lady, Open, Curious, Friendly, Energetic, Vibrant, Optimistic.
In respect of color-type Alla  is Vital Spring. Her colors are the brightest of all the spring palettes. Here are some of them.

Vital Spring

From the photos that Alla sent we can clearly see the following sides of her style:
Elegant, romantic and a bit exotic.
Practically every person feels his|her own style. Her photo below is a vivid testimony. Alla’s favorite dress refers us to the images created by Chanel.
Alla would play successfully an elegant lady of 40s and a sexy lady of 50s.
For Alla, it’s also the end of the 60s, when the feminine silhouettes still dominates, but the bouffant skirts are gradually replaced by milder and sportier silhouettes. Generally speaking, when looking at Alla  you have a lot of associations with vintage.
Let’s stop for a minute and look at the picture of Jessica Alba and Alla. What is there so remarkable?
Firstly, the fact that Jessica Alba with Alla belong to the same type (the girls from the photo are twins). Secondly, the outfit of Jessica Alba combines both the Lady like style and a bit of a modern ethnics that Alla loves so much. Perhaps, this is the maximum that Alla can afford in terms of exotic stuff in her wardrobe. I like the purity  and the tight fit under the waistcoat of Jessica Alba;  you can see that the foundation is still the Lady like silhouette.
This is the end of the fragment.
More examples of my works can be found here

“The Age of Adeline”. Romantic film on the fashion history.

Trenches from 1970 and 2018

The film “The Age of Adeline” is a message that carries information about beauty, and my post is a small part of this message, at the end of the day we are all parts of something  bigger. In my opinion “The Age of Adeline” is one of the best films about style and  fashion.

Adeline, the main protagonist of the movie, was born in 1908 and at the age of 29 stopped aging due to the accident. Physically she is always 29. The decisive events in her life take place in 2014 when she meets her lover. By 2014 Adeline has lived more than 100 years and throughout the film we observe the fashion of the 20th century represented by Adeline’s looks.

The most natural question after watching the movie is: “Adeline had a gift of living in a young body with a developed, not-aging brain! What did she use this gift for?” So many things could have been done despite the fact that she had to move from place to place!” If you leave this question aside and watch the film as some style magazine and a beautiful love story, you will receive a huge aesthetic pleasure.

The look of Adeline in 2014 ( the picture above)  is very elegant, it consists of items from the seventies, fifties. and few items from present time. The chief costume designer of the movie says that despite the young body, it is in fact a century-old woman who is dressing up.

I like her look enormously, especially in terms of colors, even if there is some level of conservatism in it.  It is interesting how Adeline’s trench from 1970 echoes with the new reading of the trenches from summer-spring 2018’s trends.

Here are some more pictures that I hope will inspire you to watch the movie. Continue reading