About me

Hello, I am Aifel.

Studied at Image and ColP_20160405_105028_por Institute International (US, San Francisco), Scuola Italiana di Moda e Stile (Milan). Lived in London, Maastricht, Kaohsiung, Almaty. Currently located in Belgium. Speak English, Russian, French, a bit of Dutch and very little Mandarin. Mom of two girls, proponent of Suzanne Caygill’s theory,  language school student  (Dutch), passionate reader and amateur cook.

email me: amayaaifel@gmail.com

“- Gustave Eiffel was madly in love with a woman named Amelie. Hence his obsession was to create a giant letter “A”, and there it is already for more than a century overlooking Paris.  – Is that really true?  – Of course. If this woman had been called Olga, the symbol of Paris would have had a very different shape.” from “Winter Journey” by Amelie Nothomb :))

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