Find your essence!

Think of your personal brand as of your single entity that expresses itself through marketing, website design, text, clothing. You and the broadcast of your essence should be one and authentic. Your brand is your true voice, what you believe in, your personality and even your colors. Yes – yes … Your colors and the clothes you wear are an integral part of the message you transmit to the world. Your color determines not only your entire aesthetic direction, it is also a marker of your movement, your strategy. 

I compile a detailed palette of your colors (Suzanne Caygill system). Consultations are conducted online based on high quality photos and our communication. You can reach me by email: [email protected], [email protected] Payment is made through Pay Pal – [email protected] The price for the consultation and the finished palette with all the explanations and examples in the PDF format – 150 euros. The price for the consultation and the fan (your color palette) that is sent to you is 400 euros. Shipping cost is included.